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Fighting Families


Hi, my name is Preston Cave and I work with TBM. We started Fighting Families because we have come to recognize a need to resource and equip families to become strong and vibrant in their relationship with each other as well as their relationship with Jesus. We are seeing the breakdown of the Biblical family unit and it is time for us, as the Church, to rise to the occasion and begin training the family for battle.

The reason we have decided to call ourselves "Fighting Families" is because we understand that all families fight, but many don't know what to fight FOR. It is our desire to help families stop fighting AGAINST one another and to start fighting FOR the Family! Here is a short summary of what Fighting Families is all about:

  1. Purpose: 

    • Our goal is to resource and equip the family and the church in order to change the world.

  2. Scriptures: 

    • Ephesians 6 

      • We are in a spiritual battle. The goal is not to “Not fight”. The goal is to discover WHO we should fight against. (Ephesians 6:12)

      • We have a real enemy. Our family is NOT the enemy! 

        • So we must stop fighting AGAINST the family and start fighting FOR the family!

    • Nehemiah 4

      • In this passage we see Nehemiah encourage people to fight FOR the family, thereby becoming “Fighting Families”. (Nehemiah 4:13-14)

      • Then Nehemiah encouraged the “Fighting Families” to fight for other “Fighting Families”. (Nehemiah 4:19-20)

      • This is where the church comes into play. The church is a collection of families. 

        • If the church can encourage all families to become “Fighting Families” then when one “Fighting Family” is under spiritual attack the other families in the church can run to the side of the struggling family and thereby become “Fighting Families” who fight for other “Fighting Families”.

  3. Objectives: 

    • Encourage Individuals to Recognize and Engage the Fight

      • Resource and Equip the Individual

    • Encourage Families to Become “Fighting Families”

      • Resource and Equip the Family

    • Encourage “Fighting Families” to Fight for Other “Fighting Families”

      • Resource and Equip the Church