Evangelism Training
Need help training your church in evangelism? One of our Team Leaders will bring a unique and personal coaching experience to your group where participants can learn how to effectively share their faith with others. During our four-session training period our participants will learn the following objectives:
  • Session #2 - Roadblocks to Evangelism
    • Overcome Fear of People​
    • Overcome Conversational Awkwardness
    • Learn answers to difficult questions 
    • Homework - Mentor-edited results from "Writing My Story" online tool will be handed out. Students must memorize their story BEFORE Session #3 in order to share at next session. 
  • Session #4 - Sharing God's Story
    • Students will take turns presenting the Great Exchange Gospel presentation from memory.
    • Mentors will lovingly critique the presentation skills. ​
    • Overview of all four sessions and final Q&A from participants.