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Welcome to Bible Literacy! This is a fun and engaging resource that is designed to help you learn the big picture story of the entire Bible. The video teachings for each session are taken, by permission, from the resource center of “The Bible Project”. The creators of the Bible Project are from Western Seminary in Portland, OR. Western Seminary is affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Association of America.

Each lesson is designed for you to watch a short video overview of a particular book in the Bible, then take a ten-question quiz to test for competency. The quizzes are not designed to be hard. They are created to reiterate the content of the videos in hope to help you better retain the information you just learned. It is a proven fact that if you test for comprehension immediately after learning a new concept you are more likely to remember what you learned. We use the quizzes to help model this method of learning.

The purpose of this program is to help students have an overview understanding of the Bible in order to better understand how the “micro-stories” of the scripture fit in the “macro-story” of God redeeming man back to himself. Enjoy!

Old Testament Survey

The Old Testament records the creation and fall of humanity, the beginning of the nation of Israel and the struggles they face due to the broken nature that sin produces. The Old Testament is more "descriptive" rather than "prescriptive" in that the authors are rarely endorsing the actions of the characters as much as the writers are simply describing and recording what actually happened.


The Old Testament is story after story where Israel disobeys, repents, follows God for a season, then fails to obey once again. It communicates the story of humanity as it deals with the sin nature we all receive as a result of the Fall of Adam and Eve. It is full of drama, poetry, history, and wisdom. It is an exciting story, which leads us to better understand the New Testament narrative. 

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New Testament Survey

The New Testament is an exciting collection of first century writings that record the birth, life, death, and resurrection of King Jesus. We also find the writings of the earliest missionaries and church leaders as they record the history of the early church and respond to issues and concerns of the first believers of Christ.

As we navigate through the story of the New Testament we will better understand the gospel (good news) of Jesus as the fulfillment of the story of God in the Old Testament. Learning what the first century believers actually thought about Jesus will convict us and compel us to think differently about King Jesus. 

Jesus is the main character of the New Testament, and as we go through this study we will see how he was the main character of the Old Testament as well!

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